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Sunday Worship Service and Announcements

Sunday morning service is at the church starting at 9:00am.


Karla needs some people to help with nursery.  Please let us know if you can help.  

Family fun night: 4/17 at TRVCC, food, fellowship and fun. Mission trip team will have a dessert silent auction at 6:30pm.

Men’s Breakfast: April 24, 8:00am at the church. Pastor Chad Cowan from Sheridan will be sharing on “let the Word of God Dwell richly in you.”

We have Bible Studies each week.
1.  Tuesday women’s study begins at 1:30.  Leaders are Wannetta, Karen and Susanne.
2.  Wednesday women’s study begins at 10am with child care.  Judi is leading.
3. Thursday evening at 6:30 women’s study led by Wannetta.
4.  Thursday evening at 6:30 is the men’s study.  We are studying 2 Timothy.