Feb 3 announcements

  1. This Sunday we will be celebrating and remembering what Christ has done for us through communion.  Tim Huff will be leading this part of the service.  Please bring some juice and crackers for your family.
  2.  Pastor Collin will be leading a children’s message during the service as well.  Be sure to attend and bring the youngsters so they can participate.
  3. Saturday night is Nerf Bowl 3!!!  Pizza, Devo and fellowship over nerf darts zinging around.  5:30 we will begin.  Please let Pastor Collin or Matt know if you are attending so we have enough food.
  4. Also this Friday at 8 am, we will be laying some flooring down in the Sunday School rooms.  If you would like to help join us this Friday.
    Matt Tremain Lead Pastor

Letter from Red

Heb. 10:23 – Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; 24and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, 25not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

These verses are often quoted today as an encouragement for us as Christians to “assemble together”, and rightly so, the encouragement is for us to assemble together. To that end we will continue as leadership within this body to provide the safest and most accessible venues that we can to accomplish this. We do encourage all to join us in worship in the Scott Park as well as in the Community Center when weather forces us inside. We are so fortunate to have these facilities available that allow us to do this. Our existing church sanctuary simply does not allow enough room to accommodate us at this time. 

While there are differing opinions on what is appropriate behavior in light of the Covid virus, we will attempt to lead with respect to everyone’s opinions on this matter and with the guidance of “do no harm”. 

 We certainly do encourage everyone who can and feel safe in doing so to meet with us in worship. Those who can’t we encourage you to follow the services on Facebook live and know that we miss your smiling faces and fellowship. 

A point  that comes out in these verses that I would consider, in our assembling together one of the expected benefits is that we would “stimulate one another to love and good deeds” and in this encourage one another.  We are asked to consider how to do this, to give some thought to it. If you can attend, how do I make it a focus to say something to those I come in contact with that is encouraging, that actually promotes love and good deeds? Consider this. 

For those who can’t attend, again, how can I participate in the body and be an encouragement promoting love and good deeds? Perhaps a letter, a phone call, an e-mail, a conversation out a car window to someone in their yard. 

I am convinced that whatever our circumstance we are called to be encouragers and in challenging times even more so. I know that these very things are taking place, which is great, then let us press on as we see the day drawing near. 

Thanks, Red

Sunday Service

Hey all want to share with you the plans for this Sunday.  This Sunday we will be meeting at Dayton Park at 11am for Church Service.  We look forward to praising God, fellowshipping together and encouraging one another.  This Sunday as a body of believers we will proclaim Christ to our community in two very specific ways.  1.  We will share in communion together.  As we look forward to sharing communion, be in prayer for the Holy Spirit to be examining our hearts.  Also, please bring crackers and juice for your family so we are not having to pass out elements..  As we partake in communion we are proclaiming to the community that Christ is our Risen Savior and King.  2.  Another way we will proclaim to our community who Christ is in our life is by demonstrating obedience to our local authorities.  I realize that this can be difficult, but our attitude towards our leadership and actions proclaim our relationship with Christ.  This week I was reading in Daniel chapter 3 when King Nebuchadnezzar built an idol and had everyone worship it.  The king was asking the followers of God to place an idol before them and replace the One True God.  The men graciously responded with: “Our God is big enough to save us and even if He does not we will not bow and worship your image.”  We know the rest of the story.  At this time our officials are not asking us sin against the True God.  They are simply asking us for the sake of health concerns to be mindful of others and keep a 6 foot spacing.  This is not asking us to sin.  They are asking for us to help with a virus outbreak.  So this Sunday as we meet lets proclaim to our community that Christ is Lord and demonstrate obedience to our leaders.  Over these last couple of weeks I have been so encouraged by we have all handled this and look forward to seeing us all endure and represent our King together.  We can proclaim Jesus as Lord of our life as we celebrate His death and resurrection along with supporting our leaders.  Looking forward to proclaiming Christ is King with you on Sunday.

Matt Tremain, Lead Pastor


We are adding a new online giving feature. This should help in our worship of our Lord through our faithful giving. Click here to use this feature Online Giving.

Sunday May 24

Just want all to know that this Sunday we will meet for corporate worship at 11am in the Dayton Community Center.  We will be meeting in the gym so please use the North East doors.  We will have someone stationed by those doors to help give directions.  We look forward to seeing you.  I want to give us some details to help us be a blessing to the community center.  1.  Please wear gym appropriate shoes.  We do not want to abuse the floor, so please no heeled shoes or muddy shoes.2.  Bring a chair to sit on.  This will help with the clean up afterwards.  Please check to make sure your lawn chair has good pads on the feet or even bring a blanket to lay down on the floor for your chair to sit on.  Again this is to help protect the floor.3.  We will have isles marked to help bring clarity for seating.4.  We will also have this service on Facebook.5.  We will have a bucket available if you bring a offering to the Lord.6.  Again we certainly are thankful for Erin and the community center allowing us to meet.  So please be aware of the guidelines set before us and let’s be thankful for this space to meet on Sunday.
Also this Sunday Red will be hosting the Sunday School class via Facebook.  He will send out a link for a 9am Sunday School hour.  Thanks for your patience as we navigate these amazing times.  God Bless! Matt Tremain

Plans for Worship services

Good afternoon to all of you.  I am going to try my best to articulate the plans moving forward as well as to encourage us of ways we can participate.  I certainly continue to ask for grace as we are navigating these challenges during this unique time of our lives.  That old saying “day by day” certainly reigns true as we move forward.  So let me give you the details and also some guidelines.
The plan beginning this Sunday May 10th we will begin to meet outside for corporate worship. This Sunday we will meet in the parking lot of the Dayton Community Center.  Also please note we will change the time of the service from 9am to 11am.  This is to hopefully allow the temps to be more comfortable.  You will have three options for participating: 1.  Come to the Community Center and bring a lawn chair to sit in. 2.  We will also have the fm transmitter so you could sit in your vehicle and participate that way.  3.  We will also have the service live on Facebook.  Please keep in mind since we will be trying something new this week, Facebook live could experience problems and we will work those issues out as they arise.  These three options are set up for your peace of mind in joining others in worship.  Please chose the option that seems most comfortable for you.  If the weather is unbearable we will only offer a Facebook live service on that day.  The time will stay the same 11am and we will email out the notice Sunday morning.
Also please check out this link https://health.wyo.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Sheridan-County-Public-Health-Order-2020-2.pdf.  This link lays out the guidelines for churches as they resume meeting.  A number of the guidelines are for those meeting in a contained building.  Please understand we are meeting outside for safety reasons.  However, there are still some important guidelines to remember.  We MUST adhere to the 6 foot distancing standard.  This is a must.  I also want to encourage those that feel comfortable to wear a mask and gloves please do.  Also according to the standards giving we must avoid close contact between members of different households is prohibited before, during, and after the service.  Again please remember we want to protect the health of our community.  
Some things we will do to help with worship this Sunday.  1.  We will email out the words of the songs to everyone.  Please print off the words and bring them with you or have them ready if watching Facebook live.  2.  We will continue to ask you to mail in or drop off offerings at the church.  By the way We thank you all for your faithful giving to the work of our Lord.  Your faithfulness is a blessing to so many.  3.  I am sure I am forgetting something and again ask for grace as we navigate these times.
Finally if this seems to be a way for all of us to connect we will certainly continue this option.  Please note we will continue to communicate the plans for each Sunday moving forward.  If I have left you with many questions please give me a call at 402-658-8456.  I will do my best to bring clarity.  Love you all and hope to see you Sunday in person, or in your vehicle, or by seeing your name watching on Facebook.  God Bless.
Matt TremainLead PastorDayton Community ChurchChurch  307-655-2504Cell 402-658-8456

Encouraging words from Psalms 111

Psalm 111

111 Praise the Lord!

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart,

in the assembly of the godly and the congregation. 

2 The Lord’s deeds are great,

eagerly awaited by all who desire them.

3 His work is majestic and glorious,

and his faithfulness endures forever. 

4 He does amazing things that will be remembered;

the Lord is merciful and compassionate. 

5 He gives food to his faithful followers;

he always remembers his covenant.

6 He announced that he would do mighty deeds for his people,

giving them a land that belonged to other nations.

7 His acts are characterized by faithfulness and justice;

all his precepts are reliable.

8 They are forever firm,

and should be faithfully and properly carried out.

9 He delivered his people;

he ordained that his covenant be observed forever.

His name is holy and awesome. 

10 To obey the Lord is the fundamental principle for wise living;

all who carry out his precepts acquire good moral insight.

He will receive praise forever.

Church activity announcement

It is with a heavy heart to announce that the next two Sunday’s we will only be live streaming the service via Facebook. Collectively the elders and other leaders in the church have prayed and talk it through.  The decision to move in this direction is certainly not a easy decision.  We understand that in these decisions not all will be in support, yet we believe for the overall good of the community this is the best decision at this time.  So this Sunday and the next join us at 9 am for our weekly worship service.  I will encourage us all to take advantage of this time.  Please prioritize the spiritual life of the family.  I have talked with some families within the body and it brings joy to my heart to hear what different families are doing to promote Christ.  So take time to read, pray and meditate on God’s word.   

Matt TremainLead PastorDayton Community ChurchChurch  307-655-2504Cell 402-658-8456

Here is a link with the announcement too. Click here.

Church activities update.

Thursday night Bible studies are canceled for tonight. 

Canceled . Men’s breakfast; March 14.  Meet at church at 8:00am.  Canceled.  

As you may be aware, the first positive test for COVID-19 in Sheridan has been detected. The person is isolated at home, doing well, and being monitored by Public Health. People having close contact with the person are being contacted by Public Health.

Please be careful.  If you would like prayer, please call an elder or Wayne/Judi 307-751-4507.   Sheridan Memorial Hospital Press release:

This reinforces the importance following the CDC guidelines for infection control practices.

–          Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

–          Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

–          Cover cough or sneeze with tissue and dispose of tissue in the trash.

–          Stay home if sick (but if you are concerned it may be more than just a cold, please consult your physician).

–          Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

–          Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

The main Sheridan Memorial Hospital website is updated regularly with the most recent information and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on standard precautions.

To better serve our community and keep everyone safe, SMH has implemented a new phone number for anyone who thinks they may have contracted the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phone Number – 307-672-1004

Please, this is not a question and information line, but a direct line for those who have these symptoms and think they may be infected with the virus. The symptoms to watch for are:

–          Fever

–          Cough

–          Shortness of Breath