Plans for Worship services

Good afternoon to all of you.  I am going to try my best to articulate the plans moving forward as well as to encourage us of ways we can participate.  I certainly continue to ask for grace as we are navigating these challenges during this unique time of our lives.  That old saying “day by day” certainly reigns true as we move forward.  So let me give you the details and also some guidelines.
The plan beginning this Sunday May 10th we will begin to meet outside for corporate worship. This Sunday we will meet in the parking lot of the Dayton Community Center.  Also please note we will change the time of the service from 9am to 11am.  This is to hopefully allow the temps to be more comfortable.  You will have three options for participating: 1.  Come to the Community Center and bring a lawn chair to sit in. 2.  We will also have the fm transmitter so you could sit in your vehicle and participate that way.  3.  We will also have the service live on Facebook.  Please keep in mind since we will be trying something new this week, Facebook live could experience problems and we will work those issues out as they arise.  These three options are set up for your peace of mind in joining others in worship.  Please chose the option that seems most comfortable for you.  If the weather is unbearable we will only offer a Facebook live service on that day.  The time will stay the same 11am and we will email out the notice Sunday morning.
Also please check out this link  This link lays out the guidelines for churches as they resume meeting.  A number of the guidelines are for those meeting in a contained building.  Please understand we are meeting outside for safety reasons.  However, there are still some important guidelines to remember.  We MUST adhere to the 6 foot distancing standard.  This is a must.  I also want to encourage those that feel comfortable to wear a mask and gloves please do.  Also according to the standards giving we must avoid close contact between members of different households is prohibited before, during, and after the service.  Again please remember we want to protect the health of our community.  
Some things we will do to help with worship this Sunday.  1.  We will email out the words of the songs to everyone.  Please print off the words and bring them with you or have them ready if watching Facebook live.  2.  We will continue to ask you to mail in or drop off offerings at the church.  By the way We thank you all for your faithful giving to the work of our Lord.  Your faithfulness is a blessing to so many.  3.  I am sure I am forgetting something and again ask for grace as we navigate these times.
Finally if this seems to be a way for all of us to connect we will certainly continue this option.  Please note we will continue to communicate the plans for each Sunday moving forward.  If I have left you with many questions please give me a call at 402-658-8456.  I will do my best to bring clarity.  Love you all and hope to see you Sunday in person, or in your vehicle, or by seeing your name watching on Facebook.  God Bless.
Matt TremainLead PastorDayton Community ChurchChurch  307-655-2504Cell 402-658-8456