Sunday May 24

Just want all to know that this Sunday we will meet for corporate worship at 11am in the Dayton Community Center.  We will be meeting in the gym so please use the North East doors.  We will have someone stationed by those doors to help give directions.  We look forward to seeing you.  I want to give us some details to help us be a blessing to the community center.  1.  Please wear gym appropriate shoes.  We do not want to abuse the floor, so please no heeled shoes or muddy shoes.2.  Bring a chair to sit on.  This will help with the clean up afterwards.  Please check to make sure your lawn chair has good pads on the feet or even bring a blanket to lay down on the floor for your chair to sit on.  Again this is to help protect the floor.3.  We will have isles marked to help bring clarity for seating.4.  We will also have this service on Facebook.5.  We will have a bucket available if you bring a offering to the Lord.6.  Again we certainly are thankful for Erin and the community center allowing us to meet.  So please be aware of the guidelines set before us and let’s be thankful for this space to meet on Sunday.
Also this Sunday Red will be hosting the Sunday School class via Facebook.  He will send out a link for a 9am Sunday School hour.  Thanks for your patience as we navigate these amazing times.  God Bless! Matt Tremain