Sunday Service

Hey all want to share with you the plans for this Sunday.  This Sunday we will be meeting at Dayton Park at 11am for Church Service.  We look forward to praising God, fellowshipping together and encouraging one another.  This Sunday as a body of believers we will proclaim Christ to our community in two very specific ways.  1.  We will share in communion together.  As we look forward to sharing communion, be in prayer for the Holy Spirit to be examining our hearts.  Also, please bring crackers and juice for your family so we are not having to pass out elements..  As we partake in communion we are proclaiming to the community that Christ is our Risen Savior and King.  2.  Another way we will proclaim to our community who Christ is in our life is by demonstrating obedience to our local authorities.  I realize that this can be difficult, but our attitude towards our leadership and actions proclaim our relationship with Christ.  This week I was reading in Daniel chapter 3 when King Nebuchadnezzar built an idol and had everyone worship it.  The king was asking the followers of God to place an idol before them and replace the One True God.  The men graciously responded with: “Our God is big enough to save us and even if He does not we will not bow and worship your image.”  We know the rest of the story.  At this time our officials are not asking us sin against the True God.  They are simply asking us for the sake of health concerns to be mindful of others and keep a 6 foot spacing.  This is not asking us to sin.  They are asking for us to help with a virus outbreak.  So this Sunday as we meet lets proclaim to our community that Christ is Lord and demonstrate obedience to our leaders.  Over these last couple of weeks I have been so encouraged by we have all handled this and look forward to seeing us all endure and represent our King together.  We can proclaim Jesus as Lord of our life as we celebrate His death and resurrection along with supporting our leaders.  Looking forward to proclaiming Christ is King with you on Sunday.

Matt Tremain, Lead Pastor