Prayer blanket testimony

There have been many prayer blankets sent out.  There have been many testimonies of how much the meant to recipients.  Cody Crider is the Texas Cowboy that Wayne asked us to pray for. He had a massive stroke while moving cows.  He is about 53.  He is now learning to walk, eat, talk and sit up again.  Here is what this wife sent today.  They love Wyoming and Montana.

Hi Wayne, first of all, thank you for your prayers.  Cody is getting better every day!  I also wanted to thank you for what I think was an offering from a friend of yours in Wyoming. He/she said they had been following our story, and that they knew a friend of ours up there…so we thought it must be you 😉  How kind!  Also wanted to let you know that the blanket has taken its own identity, and Cody calls it “Wyoming.” He sleeps with it every night and during naps.  Now I see why you have kept yours.  The prayers that went into that blanket have made it that much more special.  Love and hugs to you all, and kiss the ground for us!  Diana and Cody