Prayer for Camp Bethel.

Hey everyone want give you an update on a ministry that we partner with.  Camp Bethel has been a ministry that Dayton Community Church has supported for a number of years and have seen many lives changed and encouraged by this ministry of the Gospel.  We are so blessed to have the Huff’s and Dooley’s bringing the leadership to this ministry.
It has been so encouraging to see God provide for camp over the years and see the facility grow and improve.  There are many in this local assembly that get up there often and they can give testament to the growth of the camp.
So why this email?
1.  Please pray for Camp Bethel today.  Pray for the Huff’s, Dooley’s, summer staff, summer speakers, and campers for this summer.
2.  Pray that God will give you some kids to invite and maybe sponsor a camper this summer.
3.  Camp could use new chairs this year.  If you could give in any amount write a check to Camp Bethel and designate in the memo “Chairs” mail it to PO Box 70 Dayton Wy 82836.
4.  Send the staff an encouraging note.
Most people think of Camp Bethel once a year when it is time to sign up their child for camp.  By the way it wont be long until it is time for that.  However I would like us to keep them in mind often and pray for them.