Area food drives

Hi everyone;
There are a couple of food drives that I wanted you aware of.  First, the Tongue River Valley Food drive will be collecting the sacks that were left at doors Saturday from 9-12pm.  If you have non-perishable items(no glass jars), they can be dropped off at TRVCC in Dayton.  If you can help sort/ package/deliver food, please contact Brenda Nixon, 655-9216 H or 655-2236 W.  They will serve about sixty families this year.
Second, the Ranchester Food pantry is in need.  Karen Walters says: “We need Peanut butter, jelly, canned vegetables, cereal, chili, macaroni and cheese. Thanks to all of you!”  Tonight, Thursday Dec. 7 the women’s Bible study will be collecting food at the church.  Also, Rotarians will be collecting food Monday night at the Branding Iron.  


This is a great opportunity to help our community.

Communion and Potluck Sunday

Hey everyone, just a reminder that this Sunday is our pot luck dinner following second service.  Margo is providing the main dish and wants us to bring a side and our favorite Christmas cookie.  Also this is a great day to sport your favorite Christmas outfit and hat.
Also this Sunday we will be celebrating Christ through the remembrance of His death and resurrection as we partake in communion.  See you this Sunday.
Pastor Matt

Men’s Study, Thursday, Happiness and Holiness


Please remember that we will resume the Men’s Bible Study Thursday night at 6:30pm.  Also, we will be going to Camp Bethel the following Thursday at 5:30pm.  We will have dinner and then Tim will lead us for our final study on Happiness and Heaven.

I found his week’s study very encouraging and thought provoking.  Here are some excerpts that I like:

Holiness and Happiness

Octavius Winslow was a prominent evangelical preacher in the 1800s. He said of the Holy Spirit, “It is his aim . .  . to increase our happiness by making us more holy.” Winslow’s profound words capture the essence of this chapter. Let them sink into your heart: “God would make us happy, but He can only make us happy by making us holy. Happiness and holiness are cognate truths. . .  . They are twin sisters. He must be happy who is holy. . .  . Sin is the parent of all misery; holiness the root of all happiness.”

Anselm lived nearly a thousand years ago, in the Dark Ages, and saw truths that can shine light on our darkness today: “Man . .  . was made holy for this end, that he might be happy in enjoying God”.

Holiness doesn’t mean abstaining from pleasure; holiness means recognizing Jesus as the source of life’s greatest pleasure. Spurgeon said, “Holiness is the royal road to happiness. The death of sin is the life of   joy.”

C.S. Lewis wrote to an American friend, “How little people know who think that holiness is dull. When one meets the real thing . .  . it is irresistible. If even 10% of the world’s population had it, would not the whole world be converted and happy before a year’s end?”[

John Piper writes, “We have implied in a thousand ways that the virtue of an act diminishes to the degree you enjoy doing it and that doing something because it yields happiness is bad. The notion hangs like a gas in the Christian atmosphere.”

Matthew Henry commented, “When the psalmist undertakes to describe a blessed man, he describes a good man; for, after all, those only are happy, truly happy, that are holy, truly holy; . .  . goodness and holiness are not only the way to happiness (Rev. 22: 14), but happiness itself.”

As we grow in knowledge, we can increasingly join Paul in saying, “We have the mind of Christ” (1   Corinthians 2: 16) on the things he has revealed. The more we discover God’s ways and experience the goodness of his holiness, the less we try to find happiness apart from him.

Consider Leviticus 9: 24, Rev. 22: 14, Psalm 1: 1, 2   Corinthians 9: 7, Matthew 23: 2-4 false holiness)


Alcorn, Randy. Happiness (p. 342). Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

See you Thursday



Thanksgiving Sunday, one service

Hey everyone just wanted to remind us all of our service tomorrow.  We will be having one service tomorrow at 10am.  Come for worship and encouragement from God’s word.  Also join us for some fellowship following the service.
Pastor Matt

Pastor: Important things happening

Hey everyone hope things are going well for you.  It is a busy time of year and want to share some important info about some activities coming up.
1.  This Friday night Nov. 17th. we will be having a family fun night at the Dayton Community Center.  5:30-9 pm is the time we have the facility .Last names A-H please bring a salad or side, last name I-Z please bring dessert. Margo will bring the drinks, plates, silverware, cups, mustard,ketchup, pickles,onion, cheese, and chips. I plan on being at the church about 4:30.  If you can help please meet me there to help me great. The church will be cooking the hamburgers and bringing the buns.  We look forward to seeing all of you for a fun family night at TRVCC!  Grab your kids and bring your neighbors!
2.  Thanksgiving Sunday Nov. 26th. we will have one service that day at the church.  Service will be at 10am. and there will be no Sunday School that day.
3.  Dec. 17th we will be having a children’s Christmas service at 4:30 pm.  This will be a wonderful time to see children celebrating the birth of Christ.  Please come and support the children.
4.  Dec. 24th we will have two services that day.  We will have one service in the morning at 10 am and one evening service at 5pm.  Both of these services will be held next door at the community hall.  Also no Sunday School that day.
5.  Dec. 31st wee will have one service as well.  The service time will be 10am at our church and no Sunday School that day.  The following week we will be back to our normal services and times.
Please pass the word and we will be reminding everyone of these events.

Prayer blanket testimony

There have been many prayer blankets sent out.  There have been many testimonies of how much the meant to recipients.  Cody Crider is the Texas Cowboy that Wayne asked us to pray for. He had a massive stroke while moving cows.  He is about 53.  He is now learning to walk, eat, talk and sit up again.  Here is what this wife sent today.  They love Wyoming and Montana.

Hi Wayne, first of all, thank you for your prayers.  Cody is getting better every day!  I also wanted to thank you for what I think was an offering from a friend of yours in Wyoming. He/she said they had been following our story, and that they knew a friend of ours up there…so we thought it must be you 😉  How kind!  Also wanted to let you know that the blanket has taken its own identity, and Cody calls it “Wyoming.” He sleeps with it every night and during naps.  Now I see why you have kept yours.  The prayers that went into that blanket have made it that much more special.  Love and hugs to you all, and kiss the ground for us!  Diana and Cody

Message from Pastor Matt

Can you believe it is November already?  Time is flying by.  With that in mind I want to remind us of a few things:
1.  This Saturday is time to move your clock back one hour.  Looking forward to an extra hour of sleep is always exciting.
2.  This Sunday we will celebrating communion and what Christ has done for us.  Normally we would have a carry in lunch, however this Sunday we are not.  We will be having a family fun night Nov. 17th from 5:30 – 9 pm and the elders will provide the main dish.  Margo is lining up side dishes for this event.  Please come out and enjoy some family time at the Dayton Community Center.
3.  We are starting a series called “The Gift of Jesus!”  This series will lead up to Christmas.  We will explore many amazing this about our Savior Jesus.
Pastor Matt